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His Body Part I December 6, 2007

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This article will be published in the Cairo Citizen (newspaper) the week of 12/11/07
            Close your eyes and try to imagine with me. 

    Picture the body of a man, He is no ordinary man, and quite frankly a bit out of order these days…     

            Nose protruding from the top of His head.

            Mouth located on the end of His elbow.

            Feet sticking out of His knees.

            No eyes or ears on His face. 

Sounds a bit ridiculous, I know.  This is what the Body of Christ now looks like.  Completely in disarray.  Out of order.  Not functioning properly.  How can the parts function properly when they are in the wrong place?  My, my, my..we are a piece of work. 

Our Father happens to be a Master Artist and has a specific place for each part.  In this sculpture not one piece is wasted.  Each part has a unique purpose and function.  Without one – we are not a properly operating body.  We are in lack.  I am in lack.  You are in lack.  He has a place for each one.  For me.  For you.  I need you.  You need me.  

As the Spirit moves, we must follow.  We must obey.  First you need to hear.  “Do you have ears to hear?” He asks (Mark 4:9).  Hear the Spirit…as the wind blows, He too will blow on your life.  Even those precious things you think are completely dead…He has the power to resurrect.   

He calls forth to the saints in Cairo:    

“Rise up!  Rise Up!  Your destiny is great.  My love for you is GREATER.  Rise up.  In this hour.  Do not hesitate, do not hold back.  Rise up!” 

Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life?  Your destiny?  Thoughts of what you can offer your spouse? Your family?  Your friends?  Your community?  Your nation?  The nations?  Yes, my friends, you have something to offer.   

Do NOT yield to the enemies lies… 

“You are too old.  You are too stupid.  You are too fat.  Too thin. You are not healthy enough.  You are too weary and tired.  You are not educated enough.  Not anointed enough.  Too sinful.  Too proud.  Too weak. 


Well, guess what…You are disqualified by your sin.  However, there is a REDEEMER who lives, who has qualified you by HIS grace and love.  The Lord God Almighty reigning in you through His Spirit empowers you to do ALL things (Philippians 4:13).  So tell the enemy he is a liar and start abiding in Him who saves, Him who is full of LIGHT and TRUTH!  He will fill and empower you! 

“For the sake of your destiny, for the sake of your family, for the sake of this community, for the sake of His Kingdom, and most importantly for the sake of Jesus’ great love…Rise Up Beloved! 

We bless you, we love you beloved of Cairo. 


One Response to “His Body Part I”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!

    how awesome is it to proclaim the deep truths of his word into the local newspaper!?! thank you Jesus! YEEEEESSSS! Rise up CAIRO!!

    …i love you. 🙂

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