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Deborah Grace November 29, 2007

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When I asked God for the name by which He calls me, He told me Deborah Grace.  This is quite a story in itself, but I did want to share some revelation about Deborah from Judges – a book in the Old Testament.

Revelation on Deborah (Devora)

Taken from Judges 4 & 5

 A woman whose personal relationship with God affects the destiny of others and the inheritance of our King!  Give me a life like this Lord! 

·        Prophetess

·        Judge of Israel (Leader)

·        Married to Lappidoth

·        Held court under the Palm of Deborah

·        Settled disputes for Israel, wisdom lead her (wisdom = Christ)

·        Spoke to Barak with power and authority when speaking God’s words and direction.-No hesitation – only confidence.  This takes faith to speak to someone about the VICTORY that God will give.  Not only for a person, but a people group, and a nation! 

·        Barak leaned on her faith to get him on the battle ground.  “If you go with me, I will go.”  A man leaning on the faith of a woman?!?  This is powerful.  He trusted her.  Felt safe with her.  They had a brotherly/sisterly love.  -God is restoring these sibling relationships to be pure, and not  tainted by the enemy. 

·        She went with Barak to Kedesh.  She let him do his job to summon the 10,000 troops.  She walked with him.  We are to walk along side people, not taking over, but serving “under”.  Encouraging, mobilizing, equipping.

·        She let people use their giftings, she was not hungry for power or prestige, and she positioned them. – Let us have wisdom in the position you have given people, and support that.

·        She knows when to speak out and when to support.

·        She knows God’s timing and declares it!-Judges 4:14 “Up!  This is the day in which the Lord has delivered Sisera into your hand.  Has not the Lord gone out before you?” Deborah  spoke to Barak with such confidence, authority, and certainty of God’s will and timing.-Barak responded to her.  He heard the voice of the Lord speaking through her, which gave him confidence and faith in what the Lord was calling him to do.

·        The Lord sent the enemy to Barak and his men.  Then they were given complete VICTORY over the enemy, by the sword.  -This is a picture of God giving us victory over the enemy by His Word.

·        That day the nation of Israelgrew stronger against Jabin, the Canaanite King – until they destroyed him. -The Lord will increase our strength as we fight the spiritual battle, until the enemy is completely destroyed.  This can apply to specific strongholds in our life, family, city, nation.  Keep fighting!  He will increase your power and strength.

·        Judges 5 – song of Deborah (along with Barak)-Lord, give me a victory song!  Let me praise you with my lips all of my days! 

Please feel free to add anything the Lord has spoken to you about Deborah, I would love to hear your insight!


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