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…Continued… November 28, 2007

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1.  After Thanksgiving I had a nice visit with my sister.  We went to her apartment in Saint Paul and watched some movies while making jewelry.  I was able to connect with her roommate Sara who I had been a prayer partner for while she was in Alaska doing YW working with my good friend Amanda.  Random coincidence – NO “divine appointment” that my sister ends up being Sara’s roommate.  God’s provision for this season.  Thank you Lord.

2.  Went shopping on black Friday….even though I pretty much despise this day, somehow I was out there with the rest of them feeding our consumer hungry appetites.  Good things did come out of it.  I ran into my old friends Bethany and Robert (whom I worked with at Camp) at Burlington Coat Factory.  Funny how God will put you in the same place at the same time just so you can re-connect with people.  Bethany was also looking for a new coat and we were literally found ourselves facing each other as we looked at the same rack of coats.  I will have more time over the Christmas holiday to visit with them, but this was a special blessing.

3.  Going into Kohl’s department store at the Maplewood Mall I ran into Mike and Megan.  We worked together at YW and he still works there.  Mike actually spent his GreaterWorks year in Cairo, so I was able to update him on the happenings of this small town and share the goodness of God in this season.  They are thinking about coming to visit sometime this upcoming year.  Praise God.

4.  After the shopping extravaganza, I was dropped off at Jennifer’s house (Heather’s sister) and we drove to Cokato together.  A sweet time of fellowship with this woman.  I appreciate her honesty and growth that the Lord has produced as a result of life’s trials.  I am looking forward to seeing the Lord continually glorified in her life.

5.  At Heather’s place we were served as queens.  Corine and Greg have a way with hospitality, service, generosity, and cooking like no other couple I have met.  I appreciate the way you walk in and feel like you are in your own home.  I appreciate the way you can do such a wide array of activities in one night.  Dinner, discussion, computers, crafts, sewing, trying on prom dresses, and movie all in one night.  Corine loves crafts and has made herself a craft room out of Heather’s old bedroom.  It is interesting to see all the projects she has been working on.  She is my inspiration in starting to bead with the Savorski beads.  When we left the next morning it was like we had strolled into Hobby Lobby and everything was 100% off.  She sent us off with material for making skirts, beads, crafts for the kids, and DVDs to watch.  Thank you Corine and Greg for your warm hearts. 

6.  We got off to a later start, but still hit up our prayer stop along the way.  We asked the Lord to send revival to the hearts of those in prison as we layed our hands on the building.

7.  Finally we were on our way to Sioux Falls, SD for Joel and Kristin’s wedding.  We were running a bit late so we changed quickly in the car and at a gas station.  Good times.

8.  Were ushered down the isle to a front seat in the church to witness our brother get married.  When the three of us gals saw him bring his grandmother down the isle, tears started welling in our eyes.  This man has taught us much – we had spent a whole year together during our GreaterWorks experience in Minneapolis.  I am so glad that we were able to sneak them away for 10 minutes of rapid fire prayer before they left for their honeymoon. 

 – The Gackles and Topps really know how to get down!  The second the DJ switched on the music the dance floor was pakced!  We had a great time dancing through the night.  Of course, we were some of the last ones on the dance floor, as we couldn’t get enough. 

9.  Of course, we didn’t really know where we were going to stay for the night.  We just had the simple faith that God wouldn’t allow us to sleep in our car on a freezing cold night.  Heather and Stacy re-connected with an old college friend (Justin) who was in the wedding – Joel’s brother from another mother.  These guys are seriously twins.  Anyway, his parents had come for the wedding and got a large hotel room – a separate bedroom with a King sized bed.  Justin was gracious to give us his bedroom while he slept on the floor.  Thank you brother.  We had a great time fellowshipping with him and his parents before we left and were able to pray together.  I love how God is strategic in the Body of Christ making unique connections.

10.  We left SD in pursuit of KC.  This time we would be staying with my college friend Amy as we took time in the prayer room and going to the evening service.  We got there just in time for the evening church service after visiting a bit with Amy and her new puppy, Harriett.  Someone I frequently run into at IHOP is my friend Peggy whom I met two years ago when our team did the internship there.  Of course, coming out of the restroom, I nearly bumped right into her!  We decided we would pray for each other after the service in the prayer room.  This is usually how we interact with one another – through prayer.  I love it!  After the service Stace and I went to the prayer room to hook it up with our prayer appointment.  We ended up using a side room – actually the travail room for the nations.  What I thought would last for about an hour ended up being THREE hours.  It was amzing.  God’s Spirit was there to encourage, uplift, and bring specific words of promise to our heart.  Thank you Jesus!

11.  The next day was sweet as we all spent time with the Lord in the prayer room and coffee shop.  The time always goes by so quickly, but yes it was indeed special.

12.  On the way out of town we had been invited to visit some new friends, George and Nola.  I “randomly” met Nola as we were in line for the restroom one time at IHOP.  We ended up praying for each other and now are pen pals.  Sara and I were able to attend a Camp Meeting that their church hosted not far from us.  About 70 miles outside of KC sits a small town named Houstonia.  We found their home and had a wonderful time of visiting.  Nola had made yummy cookies and muffins for us.  Before leaving she wanted us to spend time blessing her prayer room.  Heather whipped out her guitar and we took time to worship the Lord God Almighty in song and prayer.  I look forward to them meeting the whole team!  There is a unique connection here.

13.  We rolled in to Cairo unpacking our goods and I reflected on the goodness of the Lord over these past five days.  Surprises, blessing, fellowship, provision, and an abundance of love.  Praise you Father for these travels..


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