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7 on the Mississippi November 15, 2007

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Yesterday our team time looked a little different.  We took a trip out to Thebes to scope out the land that Kristy just purchased from the tax auction.  For some time now she had been praying about purchasing property, various opportunities had failed through and God opened this unlikely door. 

7 acres on the Mississippi waterway in Thebes (a small town just a bit east of Cairo – 25  miles or so).  Beautiful property that has been used for camping.  There is a boat launch, a pavilion, picnic table, electricity, water, and sewage hook up for each site and a beautiful view of the river.  We walked the length and breadth of the property asking the Lord for His vision and plans.  In our natural mind we can think of 100 great ideas of what the land can be used for, but we choose to hand it back over to him.  I wanted to share some of the specific things that came up in our conversation with the LORD…

  1. There have been prophetic words/prayers released over the Mississippi river.  This is a powerful waterway that flows from MN all the way down to TX – the whole length of our nation.
  2. The city and county have been disputing over this land for a while, and we are praying that somehow God would bring a testimony about for His glory.
  3. I felt the Lord spoke, “I released the land to KT because I can trust her to hear me and move in the plans I have.”  Kristy has released the land back to the Lord, trusting in His will not her own.
  4. God is extending territory – from Cairo to Thebes.
  5. Let this whole place be a testimony for the Name of our God.
  6. Bring a unanimous decision (with our team), when it is time to move forward on something.
  7. Cutting off strongholds attached to this land in Jesus Name, and ask for angels to be released to do His will.
  8. Picture of our whole team riding on Aslan’s back the length and breadth of the land. 
  9. This is another mystery (just like when we purchased the house on 26th and it is now Hannah’s House) that God will unfold in time.  Let us be obedient to walking it out.
  10. Jeremiah 32 – God had him purchase land even though it would be used for a later time.
  11. Asking for wisdom and understanding.
  12. Declare healing on this land.
  13. Guidance as we look into the history of this land.
  14. Song “This land is your land, this land is my land…”
  15. He may call her to give it back, she will be lead of His hand.
  16. Have mercy on the leadership here Lord.  Let their eyes be turned to you.
  17. This land is in the same county as Cairo (Alexander).  This river flows down to Cairo.
  18. Bring peace when we move in your direction.
  19. Bless this process Lord.
  20. This could be the answer to someones prayer.
  21. 7 acres, hello – 7!

God’s economy is so different than our own, and the ways of the world.  Please join us in prayer.  I will keep you posted.