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Jess, you will be missed. November 14, 2007

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Top 20 reasons why I am going to miss my beautiful roommie…

20. She is an amazing cook and is always trying out delicious recipes for all of us to taste test.

19. She is flexible and adaptable.

18. She has a servant heart.

17. She is stinkin’ hilarious!

16. She has a way of pulling truth and revelation from the Word of God and speaking it to others.

15. She is an input person and always has random facts to share.

14. She helps me stay on top of current events.

13. She challenges me.

12. In many ways we are opposites. As iron sharpens iron, this sister sharpens me.

11. She desires to grow in the Lord and follow Him.

10. She takes care of our cat Jewel.

9. Who else will act as my spell check in the office?

8. She enjoys going on hikes and bike rides with me.

7. Who else will sleep in the yard with me?

6. She keeps the 411 on friends who write blogs, and shares the info. with me.

5. She is honest. In love will share the truth with people. This is hard to find.

4. She is a great roommate!

3. She keeps me in check.

2. She loves the Lord with all of her heart, mind, soul and strength.

1. She is a wonderful friend and sister. No one will be able to replace her in this house or on this team.


2 Responses to “Jess, you will be missed.”

  1. Jess Says:

    thanks, babe. I will miss every single one of these things. love you!

  2. Amanda Dums Says:

    i’m going to miss jess too!!! She’s amazing!!!

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